Gilbert Pellegrom

Devtrepreneur from Scotland. Founder of Dev7studios. Working on Dunked.

Git is Way Too Complex

Recently I have migrated over from Subversion to Git as my VCS of choice. While Git has many great features and is much faster than SVN I still think its way too complicated for the average user. Case in point, I use SourceTree for most of my git development and, while it is a great app, just look at how

Fixing NPM EACCES Error on OS X

So if you've installed Node using root permissions you might get an npm ERR! Error: EACCES when trying to install npm packages. This means you need to use sudo every time you want to install a package (not ideal). Apparently this is the case when you use the .pkg installer on OS X. However there is a quick fix for

On Scottish Independence

I've been wanting to get my thoughts on Scottish Independence down in a coherent fashion for a while now, so here goes. First let me say I'm all for devolution. Scotland having as much power as possible to make it's own decisions is a good thing, and while I understand the attraction of becoming an independent nation I will be

The Ideal Image Slider

While a lot people seem to applaud the death of the image slider these days, I still see them used all over the place and I still have to occasionally implement them myself. In short I don't think they are going away any time soon. However it has become increasingly hard to pick a decent image slider as the market

Artisan Ghost Theme

I've decided to release the current theme I made for this blog as a premium Ghost theme. It's called Artisan and you can get it over on

Accessing Models Globally in Laravel

Sometimes it can be handy to be able to access a model globally when using Laravel. For example if you want to show the company name as the title in your layout menu. As you will need the company model for every page that uses that layout, loading the model manually for each page is cumbersome. So how do you