Gilbert Pellegrom

Devtrepreneur from Scotland. Founder of Dev7studios. Working on Dunked.

2014 Year in Review

It's that time of year again to look back, take stock and reflect on what a year has brought. At the end of last year I resolved to be working smarter, not harder. While I may have achieved this goal to a certain extent there have been certain unforseen situations in 2014 which have hindered my progress. Professionally This year

PHP concepts to learn before diving into Laravel 5

Laravel is an awesome framework for PHP and I have been using the upcoming version 5 (currently in alpha) for some time now. Being a big, powerful framework Laravel has always suffered from a steep learning curve, and the update from 4 to 5 is no different. So to help remedy the steep climb that is required in learning how

Git is Way Too Complex

Recently I have migrated over from Subversion to Git as my VCS of choice. While Git has many great features and is much faster than SVN I still think its way too complicated for the average user. Case in point, I use SourceTree for most of my git development and, while it is a great app, just look at how

Fixing NPM EACCES Error on OS X

So if you've installed Node using root permissions you might get an npm ERR! Error: EACCES when trying to install npm packages. This means you need to use sudo every time you want to install a package (not ideal). Apparently this is the case when you use the .pkg installer on OS X. However there is a quick fix for

On Scottish Independence

I've been wanting to get my thoughts on Scottish Independence down in a coherent fashion for a while now, so here goes. First let me say I'm all for devolution. Scotland having as much power as possible to make it's own decisions is a good thing, and while I understand the attraction of becoming an independent nation I will be

The Ideal Image Slider

While a lot people seem to applaud the death of the image slider these days, I still see them used all over the place and I still have to occasionally implement them myself. In short I don't think they are going away any time soon. However it has become increasingly hard to pick a decent image slider as the market